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Studio Jonah creates architecture where people can thrive physically, mentally, and culturally. Whether it’s a community center, an office building, or a residential renovation, projects are viewed in the context of their surroundings, rather than in isolation. With this understanding, experience in both architecture and urban design, as well as a spirit of collaboration with our clients, Studio Jonah creates work that is responsive, pragmatic, and enduring.

We pride ourselves on our holistic and individualistic approach with each client, a process that the client participates and is involved in, each step of the way. We also work with a select group of consultants as appropriate, based on the specific needs of a project.



We aim to empower our clients with an understanding of the importance of design and its impact on economical value, especially in the early stages. This approach allows buildings to capture its own identity, as well as the spirit of its surroundings resulting in responsive, comfortable, and flexible architecture.




We understand and adopt alternative, “non-linear” design processes, fully entrenched in our philosophy that good design is a good business. Ultimately, this pays its value to all parties involved.




Addressing environmental issues in a responsible way is critical to more than just the future of architecture. Ingraining sustainability in our designs and ideals is essential in creating responsible projects that can be developed to completion.